Affirmation of the Week


Relationships, we’re constantly surrounded by them, engaged in them… and it’s through them that I believe we learn our greatest lessons while we’re here on this planet.

If you were to look at the closest relationships surrounding you… how would you describe them? How do they nurture you? Support you? Make you feel? Are they hidden and clandestine or out in the open where everyone can see them? Do they put a smile on your face or bring tears of sadness to your eyes?

Look at the answers you receive… and now apply them to the relationship you have with your own self? I’m looking at this as a mirror image… that what we subconsciously believe about ourselves will manifest outward… and attract the same back to us. Just my opinion, feel free to disagree with me *grin*… but if we don’t value the relationship we have with our own self, if we don’t approve of our *self*… how can we then expect others to value the relationship they have with us?

But what if, once you start manifesting this affirmation and changes do start to filter in that aren’t easy, what if relationships that are closest to you start slipping away? Well this is when you really have to be honest with yourself… if they are not loving and supportive to you, then do you really need them in your life if you are to grow and move on from the past cycles that have finally been broken?

I approve of myself… I give myself comfort, nurture myself… I deserve good and loving relationships, not only with my own self, but with the others that surround me and gravitate towards me. I deserve a future filled with loving relationships.

© 2012 Michelle Payne


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