Affirmation of the Week


Bodies… we live in them, we push them, we over-indulge them, we under-indulge them, we love them, hate them, like them, dislike them… we expect the most from them yet very often don’t even notice how much they do for us.

I do not know of one woman (or man for that matter) who totally accepts their body as it is. There is always something that they would change about it, from being slimmer, being lighter, being heavier, losing cellulite, toning up, having slimmer or longer legs, losing batwings, having dainty hands, clear smooth skin, the perfect pout, the perfect smile, perfect teeth, shiny hair… the list is endless!

Our bodies are marvellous… think about everything yours does, what you ask of it, expect of it… how you treat it… even down to little things like when you get out of the shower, do you smother yourself in lotion to help hydrate the skin? It doesn’t take long and the benefit is long-term.

It sounds like I’m focussing on the appearance aspect here, which I am to a degree, but the effects go much deeper…when we revel in our bodies, when we listen to what they want, it can cause a chain reaction of change… we start feeding ourselves properly (note that I include chocolate in this context *smile*), we either start exercising or exercise ourselves in a more beneficial manner, we begin to appreciate our bodies and ultimately ourselves and then treat ourselves with more respect, grace and gratitude. I could go on… but I won’t.

So this week, why not find one new thing to do this week that will show your body your appreciation of it… and if you feel like sharing, please post a comment and let us know what it is, you might be helping someone else to try something new too!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ♥

© 2012 Michelle Payne


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