A Rescued Hen says Thank You


Sage within first month of rescue April 2010

A Rescued Hen says Thank You

Are you the one that rescued me?
Are you the one who came?
I want to say a thank you.
But I don’t know your name
Thank you for coming to take me.
Away from that cage with no space
Thank you for taking me under your wing
and bringing me here to this place
We’ve been on a terrible journey.
Folks bury their heads in the sand
As long as the price on the egg box is low,
that’s all they understand
Thank you for getting up early
and thank you so much that you care
We didn’t know life ‘til you found us.
Kind people, clean bedding, fresh air
But now we live in a garden,
we move and it’s green and there’s sky
Our feathers are shabby, our wings may be weak,
but give us time and we’ll fly
You gave us your care and I thank you.
You did what most people would shun
On behalf of my fellow ex-battery hens…
our lives have at last… really begun.

~~ Jill Pendleton ~~

Sage a year after rescue

Photographs © 2010 & 2011 Michelle Payne


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