Affirmation of the Week


When life strikes hard I think it makes you question a lot of things that you automatically take for granted, believe in, hope for… some time ago I’d been pondering over my reiki practice and even questioning whether it really works… because if it works, why can’t it cure diseases, why can’t it get rid of growths… but of course it doesn’t work like *that*, some things are not meant to be cleared, cleansed or cured, no matter how much we hope, pray or even beg or bargain!! Although of course, this will depend upon your personal spiritual/religious beliefs.  So at that point I  then  looked through the main reiki precepts… and thought I’d concentrate on the first one for the moment… and it helped.  So much so, that I think it’s a really helpful “go to” tool whenever you hit a brick wall or have something you struggle over, and of course, figured I’d share it here 🙂

Worry, it’s something we all do. I doubt there is a human being on this planet that does not worry in some form or another at least once during their waking hours. But what use does worry actually have? None that spring to mind for me… we can deliberate, muse over, ponder… but these are rather more detached words don’t you think? Worry brings to mind a more personal analysis… mentally going over something which causes the heart to contract… and I think, just my opinion ;)… that it arises from fear and absolutely, definitely, feeds it.

It’s natural when crises arise that we worry, that when we don’t have enough money to buy food we worry, that when our children, parents and pets are hurt, we worry… an instinctual response, one I think, that in those scenarios, would then lead us to find solutions.  But the worry I’m talking about in relation to this affirmation is not of the type that can be used for finding solutions, but rather when it is bringing no benefit. When it is causing stress, undue concern and limits our actions, thoughts and emotions etc. What happens when we worry about things that are out of our control? When we worry about things that haven’t happened yet, that may happen, that may never happen? If we worry about the more trivial things that really, don’t have much bearing on our lives? I would ask:

Why are you worrying? And is it fear based?
What benefit does it bring you?
What could you be doing with your mind instead?
What could you be doing with your time instead?
Why are you choosing to worry?

In that moment, that split second that we are worrying, we are not achieving. We are not being, we are not doing… we are in effect… living in Fear. We are not solving, we are not acting… we are wasting time, don’t you think? Wouldn’t it make much more sense, in that split second, to feel love, to laugh, to hope, to release?

I think it was either one of the daily meditations from Living Life Fully that I was reading, an excerpt from that site or one from DailyOm… that spoke of someone applying the 100 year test to a problem. Will it matter (what you are worrying about) in 100 years? So I would ask will it matter in a month? In a week? Will it matter today?  And if the answer is no… focus on something more positive, and just let it go.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ♥

© 2012 Michelle Payne


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