SL Marathon 2013 – Update – Week 2 #SLM13

Week 2 has now finished!!!

So what has this week encompassed?

***full-time working day x 4

***one day off, however no rest for the wicked as I’ve used that to catch up with college homework, coaching admin, personal admin and other stuff at home that has been put to one side for far too long

***CPD counselling workshop (daytime) x 1

***3 hour daily commute x 4

***counselling evening x 1

***supervision therapy evening x 1

***no college evening this week as such due to half term, however… yep you guessed it… spent that time actually doing college stuff!  The call from my very bereft and lonely tv was hard to resist… I caved on Saturday evening!

***evening admin work x 1

As for socialising… one party which started too late so I forfeited that, clash of plans which meant cancellation with another friend but managed to fit in an after work catch up with friends, a group get together for a few hours after training one evening and another friend dropping by, so have not turned into an absolute hermit yet.  I also got fed cake.  What’s not to love about that!

As for the actual physical work/training… achieved:

***lunchtime yoga session x 1

***lunchtime treadmill run x 1 (2.89 miles)

***PT session with Activate Plus PT x 1

***lunchtime outdoor run x 2 (3 miles each)

***2 hour karate session x 1

***weekend run x 1 (first 5 mile target hit!)

Total overall running: 14.36 miles / 140 minutes (2 hour 20 minutes)

And how did it feel?

All things considered, not too bad at all… and when I look at the distance and time over the course of the whole week, I’m rather pleased, which is saying something considering my perfectionist tendencies :).  It also helped today that I did my longest run of 50 minutes and had a karate colleague with me.  He helped me keep the pace up when I possibly would have lagged a bit more had I been on my own!  The biggest challenges at the moment are getting the breathing right, pushing through around minute 25, and then the last 5 minutes of each run.  I’m assuming the last 5 minute thing is what happens to most people when they start out running seriously and is more of a psychological aspect than physical.

Time now to get back to the college work… hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


My fundraising page: MichellePayne13

Street Child

Sierra Leone Marathon 2013

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