SL Marathon 2013 – Update – Week 4 #SLM13

Wow… Week 4 has now finished. It doesn’t actually seem as if almost a whole month has passed…

So this week has been a little different in that aches and pains have started to kick in and I was rather worried at one point when I thought my ankle was going to give me real problems. Aches and pains are one thing, but when it’s joint problems, that’s something to really be careful with! Thankfully it’s eased off a fair bit but it did mean I took it easier and left the karate session after an hour of kihon, although sitting and moving in neko ashi dachi (cat stance) probably didn’t do me many favours either! Anyway, another busy week including going along to meet some other folks who will be participating in Sierra Leone and extra time spent at work, never a dull moment 🙂

Training has included:

***lunchtime yoga session x 1

***lunchtime treadmill run of 40 minutes x 1

***PT session with Activate Plus PT x 1

***lunchtime outdoor run of 30 minutes x 1

***lunchtime treadmill run of 30 minutes x 1

***1 hour karate session x 1

***weekend run of 60 minutes x 1

Total overall running: 17 miles / 160 minutes (2 hour 40 minutes)

And how did it feel?

As mentioned, I’ve had some aches and pains, a dodgy ankle and the weather hasn’t helped. It’s been absolutely chucking it down in London which wouldn’t normally have stopped me but the route I take wouldn’t be safe as I run part of the way near water: not so much worried about falling in, but I use an app on my phone to track the distance and I definitely don’t want to damage that! Priorities of course 😉 and then there was today’s weather. Windy, cold and attempted snow/rain. Just the weather you want to run in on along a seafront! Still, needs must so it got done and I was happily surprised to not only not end up in a total heap at the end, but also managed to slightly increase my average pace. And add to that my first 6 miler, which I didn’t realise until adding up the distances, I actually hit just over my first ever 10K run! Happy days! Let’s see what Week 5 brings!


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Sierra Leone Marathon 2013

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