SL Marathon 2013 – Update – Week 5 #SLM13


And so the initial euphoria has started to wear off, aches and pains getting ramped up a bit… people actually enjoy this?

Just joking… well not the first two bits, they’re definitely true… but I am strangely getting a bit hooked.  Before, I would have begged to stay on the treadmill, in the nice warm gym, with all the equipment and most especially the foam rollers that I have to use on my legs afterwards due to past issues. But now… now I’d really rather be outside… even if it’s raining a bit… not if the heavens have opened obviously… or if it’s icy, I have no wish to stack it and end up on crutches… been down that road already and it was not pleasant.

So this week’s training had to be adjusted slightly!  Vaccination time! Which meant leaving the office early therefore working through a lunch break instead of running. Doesn’t this look like fun!

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Training has included:

***lunchtime treadmill run of 30 minutes x 1

***PT session with Activate Plus PT x 1

***lunchtime outdoor run of 40 minutes x 1

***lunchtime treadmill run of 40 minutes x 1

***weekend run of 60 minutes x 1

Total overall running: 18.43 miles / 170 minutes (2 hour 50 minutes)

To ensure I got my 4 runs in this week, that meant I had to sacrifice something else… so the yoga got kicked to the kerb. Not ideal given I love it and it’s vital for me to keep in so as to stay running healthy (according to my Coach who knows more than a bit about this kind of stuff!). And I had a wee bit of a reaction to some of the vaccinations: the usual very sore arms, a bit of a flu-like reaction and also some lovely nausea thanks to a wonderful one you had to drink, although that didn’t compare to the feeling of almost meeting the floor… I believe the term is Orthostatic Hypotension… sounds kinda cool, but doesn’t feel it. It’s basically that dizziness, where you stand up too quickly and can be attributable to many things such as low blood sugar or over-exertion like running too far too fast (I blame the vaccinations personally rather than running too fast although I did manage to get my first 2 miles that day done in just under a 9 minute mile average *happy days*). And since I was due to go do some karate training, I figured it wise to kick that to the kerb as well.  There’s pushing through with a train hard attitude and then there’s pushing through with a stupidity attitude. Having done both in the past, I know which one I choose these days.  Saturday thankfully was a full rest day from exercise with the longer run being done on Sunday.

Overall, I’m pleased with how I’ve managed to bring my average pace down especially since I’m new to training in running, and was a bit disappointed that I didn’t improve my pace on today’s run. Still, dropping the pace a bit to work on breathing was probably a very good lesson for me to learn.  Looking forward to next week where I get to increase my longer run again.

Getting addicted? Nahhhhh, of course not 😉


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