A Cuppa and an Armchair


One thing I am looking to do is read and then review books that relate to either self-help and/or within the educational remit of mental health. This has a two-fold benefit for me personally: increasing my awareness and education especially as I plan to not only continue my formal education but apply that to how I am able to help clients.  And then of course, hopefully a review will help to give others food for thought when considering which books may be of use to them!

After saying all of that, the first book I’m posting about is a work of fiction!

I’m including it here because I actually wrote one of the short stories and felt very honoured to be included in it.  The book was created as a result of a collaborative effort via Facebook… a friend had shared a link to their page and I thought I’d “whip something up” on the spur of the moment, especially as it was to be short (under 2000 words).  I’d like to think that the quality is of a high standard (since I’m connected to it) and I do believe it will appeal to a varied cross-section of readers due to the differing styles of writing.

I would also state that none of the authors got paid to do this, nor do we get any royalties.  This book was created as a charitable effort, specifically for an organisation called Equipe.  As stated:

“A Cuppa and an Armchair is a collaborative venture joining writers, artists and the charity Equipe, in a bid to raise much-needed funds. Equipe is an international charity working into East Africa, India, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines. Its mission is to enable and empower local people to break the cycle of poverty through education, sustainable infrastructure.”

If you’re interested in purchasing the book (personally I’d recommend the download version due to cost and ease of access), please click here to be taken to my Amazon astore links.

If you’d like to read the Facebook page for this venture (they do plan more books), please click here and if you’d like to visit Equipe’s website to see the kind of work that they do, please click here.  I will be adding their details to the Charitable Organisations page on this website.

This item has also been added to My Products page, the link to which is on my Resources page.

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