Challenges & Fundraising

Thank you for visiting my Challenges page.  This page will hold information and/or links relating to the latest challenges I have set myself, any fundraising I am or have participated in and a page for my running “personal bests”… if you are reading these, then I hope they provide you with some inspiration and ideas on how you can help others, challenge yourself and even join in a race 🙂

The Current Challenge

Is it possible to go from a new runner in February 2013 (I am not counting the run 10 minutes on treadmill and then have to walk due to rocking the boiled tomato look 😉 ) to a double stage ultramarathon runner (aka two week-long races of 250km or more EACH, only 15 days apart, carrying everything you need on your back) in only 18 months? Details can be found on the fundraising page, link below.


Other Challenges – to follow

Race Records – to follow

© 2014 Michelle Payne


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