Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.  This page will hold information relating to all fundraising events, past and present, that I have or am participating in.  All support in helping to raise funds and as importantly, AWARENESS, is greatly appreciated.

If you are kind enough to donate, please ensure you click and donate to my appropriate fundraising page rather than the charity’s main donation page.  I am not notified if donations are entered on the main page, and some people have ended up donating twice because of this.

Current Fundraising Challenge – The Triple Continent Challenge

So back in February 2013 I couldn’t run more than 10 minutes on the treadmill without turning into a boiled tomato… thankfully it never progressed to aubergine level.  The most I would do would be a walk/jog for 40 minutes.  I then took on the challenge of the Sierra Leone Half Marathon, and the running/challenge bug bit.

The latest challenge therefore is whether it is possible to train up from a new runner and be capable of participating in two ultramarathon stage runs… which are usually 250km each over 7 days (a marathon or more per day) in only 18 months, and where you have to carry all that you need (food, clothing, medical stuff etc) on your back.   The  added extra challenge being that I only have 15 days to get from the finish line in Madagascar to the start line at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon… with a bit of work and daily life in London in the middle.  How will the feet hold up… what injuries will happen… what about kit… for someone with no knowledge in a new sport… is this sensibly, safely, possible?

Charity details to be added once the blog post relating to this challenge has been written.

Past Fundraising Challenges

Date:  13-14 September 2013
Challenge:  Thames Path Challenge 100km – completed
Total raised:  £494.16 (including £20 via main donation page)
Fundraising Page
Status: closed

Date:  26 May 2013
:  Street Child
Challenge:  Half Marathon – full marathon completed
Total raised:  £3,749.00
Fundraising Page
Status: closed

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