What is Coaching?

In my opinion Coaching is where the coach encourages, supports, listens and helps to motivate their client.  I liken it to a football player and coach: the coach helps with the game plan, but at the end of the day, the player (client) is the one that has to go out there and actually “play the game” or, in this case, live their own life!

It’s not about judging or fixing anything, nor about telling the client what to do or how to live their life!  It is more about helping the client with what they want, whether that be through identifying what it is they actually want to achieve, what they have that helps or hinders such goals and then possibly helping them bring those goals and/or dreams to fruition!  Coaching therefore is a supportive, collaborative communication process and relationship.  After all, who couldn’t do with someone in their corner cheering them on?

How does it differ from Counselling?

While coaching and counselling share some attributes, such as being non-judgmental, empathic and looking to a client’s well-being and ability to cope, my view is that Counselling aims to help a client heal, be validated, supported and empowered and/or be able to “cope” with whatever they have sought counselling for.  With Coaching however, the client is already able to cope, takes personal responsibility for their actions and consequences thereof and is not only ready to embrace change, but actively looking to create new opportunities and get “more” out of their life.

Additionally, whilst the counsellor/client relationship is somewhat seen as unequal at the beginning of therapy with the counsellor sometimes viewed as an “expert”, with coaching, the relationship is one of collaboration and full equality from the outset.

Details and pricing

Sessions: Sessions usually commence with a 30 minute consultation which enables the coach and client to get a feel for whether they can work together.  Thereafter, further sessions will last 50 minutes, the same as a counselling “hour”.  These can be booked individually or in blocks of 4 and are usually held once a week or fortnight; however this will depend upon a client’s individual requirements.  Sessions are usually via Skype with the client calling the coach at a specified time, but can also be carried out face-to-face.  Please note that if travelling time is required, this is chargeable at the same rate as the coaching sessions, pro rata.

Payment options: Telephone: paid in advance via bank transfer / Face-to-face: paid in advance via bank transfer, or cash at session outset.

Exclusions: Please note, for safeguarding purposes, Australian coaching clients will only be accepted via personal recommendation.


If you are interested in Coaching and would like an initial consultation and/or fee information, or to be placed on a waiting list, please go to the Contact page which gives options on how to contact me.

© 2014 Michelle Payne


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