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Yoga Retreat, Barbados November 2011
© 2011 Michelle Payne


Health has been at the forefront of my mind these past few weeks as I’ve unfortunately been laid low over the entire Christmas period with a bad flu virus and sinusitis.  It also reminded me of how I felt a few years ago when I had to take a long time off work to recuperate.

I am, and was, very lucky. Some years ago I had extensive, cutting-edge hip surgery and although my surgeon was one of the few that deals with hip arthroscopy, unfortunately I had to have the whole “open you up” kinda thing and be pinned back together, which then meant a further op to get them out.  This, of course, meant some months off work and on crutches and it’s amazing how much your self-awareness can grow at times like this… well I know mine did.

When you’re ill, you have expectations, not just of how it would any illness (or surgery) may go, but how you will manage, how physically capable you will be, how you think people will react to whatever situation you’re in at that time, and you’ll definitely find out what your “support” system is like!  And of course there’s the emotional expectations… are you a cup full type of person, or a half-empty one?  What “safe” routines do you fall into, where do you feel most comfortable… how much do your perceptions of self change? After all, times of healing can also very often show us where we most need to change our attitudes, if we are open to it.

In my opinion, positivity and focus are key to regaining optimum health… as are the words *Yes I can* (hmmmm, that may be meat for a later affirmation). I definitely felt my positivity slip both at times during recovery from surgery (I won’t bore you with the details since it’s so long ago) and yes, during this latest flu episode. Christmas especially is a time of being with loved ones, and this year I spent Boxing Day alone for the first time ever, ill in bed… though I did have the offer of dinner being brought round to me… meals on wheels express service *grin*.

Yet this affirmation isn’t just to be used by those who’ve undergone surgery or even anyone who needs *healing* of any kind. I think it’s the kind of affirmation that reinforces our soul each and every day. It helps to change our outlook… our focus… it helps to bring positivity into our lives… which then ripples out to help our physical health yes… and also our emotional and our spiritual health, because really, aren’t these all inter-linked?

It can also remind us to look at everything good we have in our lives, to be grateful for those things, or people… and even opportunities… we then find happiness and contentment within… and one of the physical benefits of this I think… is that we then radiate this outwards with our behaviour and attitudes towards others.

I am happy and healthy… (the remainder of flu notwithstanding)… I am… I have a great life, great friends and great support… no my life is not *perfect*… yes I’m still (and always will be) on a path of learning and self-awareness… yes I’m sure there will always be obstacles somewhere… but overall, I have excellent health for where I am in life, and a hellavu lot of happiness… which I try to remember daily and be grateful for.

Affirmation questions to consider for this week are:

How healthy do you feel?
How happy do you feel?
What obstacles to health and/or happiness do you think you have?
What can you do about such obstacles (even if it’s just a shift in attitude)?
What one change can you make right now to improve your health?
What one change can you make right now to improve your happiness?

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ♥

© 2013 Michelle Payne


Affirmation of the Week



How many people do you know that are truly happy? That radiate out that kind of inner joy as they walk through life? When you look around as you walk to work each day, I have to say most people don’t look that happy, especially on a Monday morning… and although I focus on this affirmation a lot myself, I doubt I give off that kind of air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week myself. Frankly, it’s just not possible! Yet I do believe that it is possible to feel like this without having something specific being the cause for such happiness… in reality anything is possible if we set our minds to it.

If you want to be happy, be.
~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

Yes, I do believe this is definitely a mindset. It is, like everything else, a choice! I like the quotation above because it is so simple. There is beauty in its’ simplicity. I’m sure some people would look at it, read it and think… Oh, if only it were that easy. But it is if you think about it, isn’t it? 🙂

Ask yourself – am I happy? If the answer is no, then ask yourself why not. List the reasons down. I bet nearly every single one of those answers are external. Some examples I could think of, are because I’m not in the right job, the right relationship, because someone has been horrible to me, because I have no money, because I feel ill. They are *conditional* which therefore makes happiness *conditional*. But happiness isn’t dependent on anything other than your heart. Yes, these can all be draining things… but, playing the devil’s advocate here, do they really cause unhappiness? Isn’t unhappiness simply a state of mind? A choice to focus on the negative aspects of life, rather than the positive? If someone can still be happy and yet have illness (and severe, life threatening illness at that), then why can’t we, who have no illness, be happy? I think happiness can co-exist with illness, with grief, with stress… it’s all about making that choice, and taking responsibility for it. I think that’s a very important point so I’ll repeat it… and even highlight it.

It’s about taking responsibility!

After all, we only have this life to lead (well… actually that is dependent on your personal spiritual beliefs, and if we do get more than one life, well… we’re not gonna remember the others, now are we, so it’s kind of a moot point!). A personal example was a time when I had been stressed, and physically ill… and I was grieving over a death… BUT… that Sunday I went to work, I chose to do overtime as I needed the money… and some time ago I would have really whinged about it because there were many other things I would have preferred to do. However, up I got, a very foggy morning, cold air… hardly anyone around as I made my way to the train station… and when I consciously chose to become aware of the air around me, listen to the birds singing, relish the peacefulness and no-one being around… well that contributed to one of my happy moments for the day 🙂 … one I wouldn’t have had, if I hadn’t chosen to take notice. Therefore, this week I am making a conscious choice to see the good in things that surround me, to have hope for the future… and to be happy *grin*.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ♥

© 2012 Michelle Payne

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